Copyright and Acknowledgements

Copyrights and Acknowledgements


The photographs used on this site have either been sourced via one of two images sites, or are owned by J.W. D'Arcy Limited.

The two sites used are

A site specialising in very high quality stock photographs. This is a very challenging site to contribute to, setting extremely high standards. The resulting stock images are therefore of a very high quality. Imagery from Pixabay is used under a Creative Commons CC0 licence. This means that they may be used without attribution.
Another treasure trove of images, also available to use, though on a more restrictive set of terms. This is a much smaller library than pixabay, but includes some unusual and maybe more UK centric images. Their terms of use are here. Where we have used these images on this site, you will find a link back to the site at the bottom of the page where the site is used, or in the caption area.

warning-98596_640Concerns or Disputes

If you believe we have used an image inappropriately, or without the correct attribution or consent, please contact the Webmaster immediately via the contact page. Include in your message the reasons for your concern. Please include a contact e-mail so we can respond to you directly. Obviously we will remove or correct any errors as quickly as we can.