Category : Sales and Promotions
Pre Christmas Sale

We are offering 20% off all new jewellery.Just some of what we have to offer.

95th Anniversary

It is our 95th Anniversary on 5th December, so this week we are celebrating by

95 Years trading

Next week on 5th December we celebrate 95 years of trading. To celebrate we are

Gift Wrapping

If you require your item gift wrapping please let staff know, There is no charge

Christmas Promotion from 1st December

From 1st December will be offering the chance to win a £250 voucher. Purchase any

Insurance Claim

If you need a piece of jewellery making as a result of an insurance claim

Keeping it sparkling

Over time your jewellery can lose its shine and sparkle due to everyday wear and

Clearance sale

We have a selection of silver items of jewelley we are offering at 50% off

10% Sale on Ticket Prices

We currently have running a 10% sale on ticket price of all new and previously

Previously Owned

Previously owned jewellery represents good value for money. Most are unique as well, so why