Launching Sonya Bennett
Launching Sonya Bennett

Launching Our Sonya Bennett Range

Beautiful jewellery inspired by nature

We are immensely proud to be promoting a new designer to our shop - Sonya Bennett. Sonya is an independent designer and manufacturer based in Somerset. Working in silver, with some gold, pearls and other semi precious stones, Sonya provides endearing and whimsical pieces which represent the nature and flowers of the British countryside. She has been working as a jeweller and silversmith since 1998. She specialises in designing from the beauty and charm of nature and capturing that in jewellery that is distinctive and easy to wear. Sonya designs from her own observations of nature, and also has influences from Japanese illustrations as well as romantic symbolism.

Her necklaces and bracelets are unusual and eye catching; they will certainly attract envious looks! Each character is delicately crafted with details picked out in gold, enamel or semi-precious stones. Often matching earrings are also available providing a beautiful set of jewellery that demonstrates grace and refinement.Ā  We have included references to spring and the sea in our first selection to offer.

We have selected a number of ranges available, so why not pop in and look at the bracelet, necklace and earring sets to find a truly unique and precious gift for that most special person in your life - your Mum!

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