Ring Resizing
Ring Resizing
Ring Resizing

Ring Resizing

We always strive to provide fantastic service and attractive promotions within our shop. However, there are some promotions that are not time-limited. They are things that we provide, all year round, to make purchasing jewellery from us as easy and convenient as possible. One such promotion is ring sizing.  We will happily check your ring size, and if a new gold or platinum ring is not quite the correct fit, we will gladly arrange for it to be resized for you at no extra charge. There are some restrictions, which are described in the Terms and Conditions below, but remember to ask for this service if you need it when you purchase.

Problem Rings for Resizing

Unfortunately we are unable to resize some styles of ring, either because they are too fragile, or their design makes the process of resizing difficult. Resizing involves cutting the shank of the ring and either removing or adding suitable metal of the same quality and grade as the original so rings, such as eternity rings, with a complete circle of diamonds or gems are not able to be resized in this way. For this style of ring, it is impractical to break and enlarge the ring without the resizing looking untidy.  There maybe alternatives if the ring is too large, such as inserting a size restrictor into the inside of the shank, and we can advise on such alternatives at the time.

Terms and Conditions

Free resizing is only available on the following conditions:

  • The rings must be practically suited to resizing as assessed by our staff at the point of purchase. They will advise you on the most appropriate way of getting the ring to fit, based upon its design and style.
  • This free resizing offer is only available at the time of purchase when you have paid the full retail price for the ring.
  • Free resizing is only available on gold (yellow and white) and platinum items.
  • Free resizing is only available for changes in size of between -2 and +2 sizes as indicated on the ring guages in the shop. We will happily advise on the costs for reszing outside of this range.

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